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Crush Swimwear and Ocean Conservation



Crush Swimwear was founded for the primary reason of reducing plastic pollution in the ocean, both by raising awareness of single use plastic in everyday life, as well as by converting current plastic pollution into something viable. 

All of our swimwear, which is ethically produced in Bali, is made from 100% regenerated materials, including plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets and other ocean plastics. This fabric has increased properties to standard spandex-type fabrics, including 4-way stretch, 50+ UPV sun rating, and higher chlorine resistance. Just as the plastics would have floated in the ocean for decades, we aim to produce swimwear that lasts just as long. 

Through our social media and marketing campaigns we aim to highlight the simple ways we can all reduce our everyday use of plastics, so as to help protect our ocean environment just a little more. 

Our manufacturer in Bali also donates 10US cents from every single piece made to the Bali ROLE Foundation, which runs environmental development programs, as well as running a zero waste facility in Bali. 

We at Crush Swimwear HQ definitely believe that the ocean health can be increased if there is enough education and effort on a global scale, which of course starts at the individual level. We aim to take plastics that were harming marine life and turn them into beautiful swimwear to be worn back to clean beaches free of pollutants. 

We are for the sea. 









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